Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Home is sweet

I'm back in NYC. I'll be setting up a slide show with pictures from Menorca and Italy. I had a wonderful time with old and new friends in Siena. I wanted to post  this picture of myself with the great Marshall Allen who performed at the Calagonone festival in Sardinia last summer. I was there with Ben Allison's Band. Guitarist Steve Cardenas took this photo. We grooved on this rap for days:

"Hit that jive jack.
Put it in your pocket 'til i get back.
Going to outer space as fast as I can.
Ain't got time to shake your hand."

We both enjoyed the music, raps, choreography and the magical experience of the Arkestra. Marshall's calm and strength is so present,  his devotion to music, his timeless surrender and brilliant musicianship was amazing. When the world seems scary (like when hooded worshippers silently march on passover), terrorists plots unravel and all seems too dark to bare, I find solace in these bright moments. Hey, if Marshall can do it...why can't I? So thanks to all for a great week in Europe. Many thanks to Tommasso Cappellato, Ludmilla Faccenda, Jacopo Guidi, SienaJazz, the students and faculty. I love to teach and hear music through the ears of my students when they realize something profound and beautiful and feel the force of nature. Home is where the heart is.

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