Saturday, 24 April 2010

Land of the Lost

The comedian George Carlin (perhaps the originator of observational humor) once responded to enviromentalists with a grouchy and cynical but painfully accurate statement that we humans are simply visiting earth and should count ourselves lucky to get to crash on mother earth's sofa. I'm paraphrasing, "the planet can shake us off like a dog shakes off fleas". George, it's a shame in te end you turned into such a dark fellow but you were one smart dude.

My brother and his family came to stay in my place while I was away in early April. After a few days visit together on April 14 they got prepped to come home to London when news of a volcanic ash cloud interrupted their plans. While their 6 yr old daughter was already homesick and her parents eager to be home and back to work, they had to resolve they would have an extended holiday. As it turns out the weather has been beautiful and despite the homesickness we've had a great week. Especially nice for me to get these extra days with my niece.

I feel for my family, friends and colleages whose tours and travel plans led to lost income, cancelled concerts and caused an insurmountable amount of stress. It could have been me! You gotta acknowledge that our planet can kick serious butt. And this is the 'little' volcano.
Hey mighty earth can you chill out now for a bit?

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