Monday, 24 May 2010

My Birthday

Ever since i was a kid I had a strange relationship with my birthday. Most of the time they went off well but - i think it was my 8th - when there was that defining one where i laughed so hard i barfed all over the table. My brother took the fall but in fact it was our neighbor who laughed with his mouth wide open and with such exuberance that it got me over excited. Paul was singing the theme to a radio ad made big at the time for it's resonance, 'Dick Irwin, what a great great guy!', written about a used car dealer with 'great chevy/olds buys'. Well I didn't hurl at any other bdays but they weren't as much fun as they were supposed to be. My 40th was a highlight - can't believe it was 6 years ago! - when all of my friends came to prospect pk for a picnic. I think we assembled a terrific cross section of friends and family. I had a bday in jamaica where they wrote 'Happy Birthday Elizabeth!' on the cake. She ordered the cake so they must have been really stoned while putting it together. My mom got me a tape recorded one year when i was about 11 and i loved the 'Sound of Music' so i played that a lot. When we saw it in the theater i was mesmerized. I'm not the slightest bit daunted by this or it's resonance in the gay community. It speaks to people. Primarily sappy white people. But there is a new version and I'm part of it, so check this out: Next week we'll be at Joe's Pub to perform Peter Kieswalter's new arrangements of this classic. Rogers and Hammerstein's estate have permitted him to modernize it and it's soulful and strong and refreshing. Come on down June 1 (7:30 and 9:30) to hear the Brooklyn Rundfunk Orchetrata.

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