Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Primavera en Siena

After a satisfying tour with Hellbent I arrived in Siena to a chilly town. Only a month before it was sunny and warm. The crappy weather didn't last long though and when the sun came out the light was fantastic. Here's a view of both cathedrals, the tower and the piazza. InJam was fantastic and the faculty, administration and students made for a great hang. Teaching this term was more of a challenge for me. I remember overcoming obstacles when i got seriously into the music and if it wasn't for some ass kicking I'd not have broken free of my bad habits. So, I did some booty thumping of my own. No doubt with the demise of record companies, the challenges of competing in a saturated market and economic uncertainty there's a different challenge ahead for them. But they also have new resources like social networking and digital distribution that opens up new channels. Next week I'm recording with two young lions of the new jazz scene - pianist Giovanni Guidi and trombonist Gianluca Patrella. Also on board are bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Gerald Cleaver. I'm looking forward to the date and touring with them in 2011.

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