Thursday, 28 October 2010

China Trip 2

A park in Hangzhou. Lots of folks wandering the gardens which were beautiful and a nice break from the urban density we had been exposed to for the previous days.

Then we went to Suzhou and had  a terrific stay which included  a much needed day off. Some of you may know of my debut CD 'Kingdom of Champa' and this kitchen shack reminded me of that trip. Enterprising folk making it happen where ever and when ever they can.

The Bookworm Cafe in Suzhou. Alexis our host manages a terrific space here. Intimate and friendly as it's name implies. After our set we jammed with a local band. Pretty much some of the funniest jazz I've ever heard in my life. It was recorded for posterity and may come to surface someday. Teddy and I ate some killing 'hotpot' and we had a terrific experience here.

An image from the Humble Ambassador Garden in Suzhou. Reminds me of Mac screensaver. Damn you Apple!!!
And another....

...just like Vegas!

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