Thursday, 28 October 2010

China Trip

Here's Tommaso Cappellato and Peter Scherr (w/bass and phone) arriving in Guangzhou. Men were completely fascinated with the dble bass in this flight case. One guy just walked up and picked it up to see how heavy it was. We played a really cafe venue there. But the restaurant was my favorite. Teddy Kumpel got shots of the menu with some of the weirdest formed and unappetizing food I've ever seen. I stuck with the safe stuff, rice, pork and greens. This night I discovered that our audiences would probably sit on their hands. They don't clap for solos but really like it when the drummer plays fast licks. I think if i played with no taste and indifference to my fellow musicians I could have gotten over. It carried on like this until we got to Suzhou where everything changed for the better.
My first cab ride. They weren't as reckless as I expected. And I certainly have been through scarier trips in NYC. It's impossible to buckle up in the back seats. And what's up with the cage? David Wong met us in Guangzhou and was our translator and road manager for the tour. He did a superb job and thanks to Peter brining loads of gear we always had a good sound.
I thought this electrical situation in Shanghai made for a good subject. Tommaso and I found a terrific restaurant there but when i ordered the chicken knots I should have realized I was getting just the joints of the bird. Took me a long time to work through that dish but it was pretty darn good. I found the Shanghai Jazz Festival a disappointment. And the JZ club chain (we played one in Huangzhou, more about that later) didn't seem to nurture the music or support the visiting musicians. Man, am I complaining? Freaking's always something.

One of my favorite signs in Shanghai. It was here I realized that Starbucks was going to be my home away from home.
No doubt my best photo of the tour. These are blades for a giant windmill.

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