Thursday, 28 October 2010

China Trip 3

Our host Steven in Qing Dao. He is managing the coolest venue in China and has been an expat for more than 20 years. Hey, just like me except I can't speak Mandarin and I have developed this odd habit of adding 'W's' to my vowels. My brother has posted some video from our show which leads you to the venue Creative 100, the accompanying arts magazine Red Star 401 and the Tectonic Quartet!
Steven and his friend Wendy took us for a walk through the old Germantown. Qing Dao or Tsing Tao (a familiar name to all you beer drinkers) got handed over to the Japanese during the Treaty of Versailles. There was a student uprising and soon after the chinese reclaimed their city.

Along the beach were about a dozen couples getting their wedding photos taken. Check out the boat prop.
Tommy joins a wedding party. Pretty sly dude, so how was the banquet? What kind of beer did they serve. Oh...stupid question.
Now that's a piano! But what the hell is it doing in the domestic departure terminal at the airport? I feel for that pianist, or maybe ti was automated which makes one wonder, who sat in the red chairs?
Changsha has a hip venue called Freedom House which I posted about on FB a few days ago. Here's a shot of the view from nearby our hotel. It was a grim and damp morning. As you can see the buildings are looking pretty shabby and we saw some - only 10 years old - rusting from lack of upkeep. There sure appears to be a lot of veneer along with this economic boom. Like Ikea furniture, it looks good to start but after a while the lack of quality shows through. But I guess even Rockefeller Center would look drab if they didn't spit and polish it.
So while I wandered Changsha in search of coffee I found this sign nestled in the corner of a vast department store. What is jazz to the Chinese and will they embrace it and develop the patience to enjoy it's rewards? I'd say 'YES!' But we are paving the way over here folks. All I can tell you is that the people are friendly and kind, the services functional and the experience was one I'll never forget.
Thank you to everyone for making this tour happen and for supporting us along the way!!!

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