Thursday, 28 October 2010

China Trip: Epilogue

On our way from Hong Kong to Gangzhou our host Peter Scherr takes over the train.
Teddy Kumpel takes a stance in Shenzen. This town is only about 30 years old and this arts zone in an old industrial park is really lovely. Plus there was a Starbucks within 5mins of our hotel. Perhaps that sounds pathetic but I do go to Italy a lot and as you know the coffee is pretty happening.
Back in Hong Kong, we're recording an album at Peter's house. He's built a fantastic studio there and we're working hard. Well not too hard that we don't enjoy he and his wife Cindy's hospitality. They live in a protected Animal Park strewn with domectic villages. Saw cows and dogs for the most part but today there was a monkey. Reminds me of a story from when I took a masterclass with Miles Davis alumni Dave Liebman. In an edgy and somewhat discouraging manner he told us that, "Even a monkey could learn to play the saxophone." Considering I bit my lip really bad at lunch,  I think this guy might be just the cat..errr candidate for the job.

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